How Charismatic Leader Are You ?

Charisma has a key role in the concept of leadership. Charisma occurs when a leader comes with a revolutionary vision that helps followers to overcome the challenge of ongoing social problems.

This attracts followers to believe in his vision, and eventually when success is attained, the idea becomes stronger, and they believe firmly that the leader is efficiently extraordinary.

“To become a charismatic leader, the vision should seem different from the usual.”

Nevertheless, it must appear acceptable to the followers, or else they would not hesitate in calling the leader incompetent or crazy.

Secondly, the way of working of the leader should be unconventional. This creates an impression that he is truly different from others, has a unique methodology of operating, and proves that his expertise is superior.

Thirdly, if a leader makes self-sacrifices, takes personal risks, and incur high costs to achieve the vision, the follower would admire him and automatically want to be like him.

There are a few things to take care of. Firstly, the follower should not admire the leader so much that they cannot provide good suggestions and become delusional of the leader’s image.

Secondly, excessive confidence and optimism for the leader is harmful because then he will not be able to predict the possible risks and make right decisions.

Lastly, if the leader fails to develop successors, he will fall into a leadership crisis, which will not benefit either the follower or himself in any manner.

Hence, charismatic leadership is a quality that can create wonders if a leader infuses into himself, along with the realization of its negative aspects that should be avoided to achieve desired results.

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