Team Building

What makes an Australian cricket team different than a Zimbabwe cricket team? A batsman is a batsman, a bowler is a bowler, wicketkeeper is a wicketkeeper. 

But something makes them apart.

The winning team has habit of winning, and rest fall short of them. 

To build a winning team is more an art than science. Teaming is a dynamic activity, not a bounded, static entity. It is largely determined by the mindset and practices of team work, not by the design and the structure of effective team.  


The objectives of the program are to help participants learn the DNA of winning team, make them familiar about processes and techniques to build winning team. The program focuses on importance of culture, mutual respect, complementary and interdependency of each team member.

Program Content

The program covers basics of team building like forming, storming, norming, and performing; teaming processes like reflection and feedback, interdependence, coordination, communication, recognition, culture, decision making and mutual appreciation; four pillars of team behaviour like speaking up, collaboration, experimentation, and reflection. 

Key Benefits

The participants will learn key ingredients of winning team, learn different tools and techniques of building excellent team, and prepare an action plan to convert their own team into high performance team.



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