Leadership Program for First Time Managers

When people gets promoted first time as managers, they need to learn the art of people management. Not only they need to develop skills required to be successful manager, they also need to shift their mindset from being technical expert to team leader.

The transition is very important and risky as well. If handled in right manner, person blossoms as excellent leader. But if not addressed properly, organisation eventually ends up having a bad manager, and looses a good technical expert.


The objectives of the program are to make participants aware about expectations of organisation, their managers and their team. They will also be informed about necessary skills, competencies, and mindset required to be good managers. Participants will be provided a road map to hone new skills and approaches to get good results for themselves and the organisation.

Program Content

The program covers nuances of leadership and management, difference between functional and managerial role, personality preferences, navigating through relationships, interpersonal skills, building trust and confidence, people management skills, communication skills, result orientation, conflict management, and leadership styles.

Key Benefits

The participants will start their leadership journey, by acknowledging the expectations of different stakeholders from them. They will also be provided live examples of being effective and in-effective managers and their consequences. 


Special feature of our program is Coaching Conversation.

In ancient days, days of Mahabharata and Ramayana, days of Nalanda and Takshashila University, the conversation happening between teacher and student played critical role in learning process.

Along with that, stimulating lectures, participative case discussions, role-play, analysis of real business situations, movie based discussion, peer learning, and group assignments will provide participants enough opportunity to develop new perspectives to learn and implement learning into their workplace.



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